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Full Home Cleaning

Most of our clients are looking for a full home cleaning. We will turn your home into an oasis for your family.

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Trash piles up. You never notice how much trash we create until you're the one taking it out every day or so. Let us take care of that for you!

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are beautiful and comforting. They are also magnets for dust mites, hair, dirt, fur, etc. We are experts at getting carpets looking and smelling great.

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Homes get dirty on the microscopic level. Bacteria, mold, viruses, etc are growing on every surface of your home. We go through and disinfect those surfaces to give you peace of mind.

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Clean Hard Floors

Hard floors are often one of the most neglected surfaces in the home. They typically look clean, but upon closer inspection they tend to be one of the dirtiest.

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Hard Water Removal

Lime, calcium, etc build up over time. Even if you clean regularly this is going to happen. It takes special cleaning supplies to remove it. Lucky for you, we carry them on hand.

Maids Utah will clean it - Stop wondering and contact us

Need something irregular cleaned? We do almost everything. No job is too messy for us! Moving into a new home and want to make sure nothing nefarious is lurking in the carpet? The fact is most people won't care for their home the way you do. Let us get it cleaned and disinfected before you have your kids playing on the floors. We will also take care of cleaning your home if you're moving out. We will even help patch the walls of your appartment to help ensure you get your deposit back.

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A superior Utah cleaning service

We put a lot of effort into making sure you know that we are worth every penny you spend. We go above and beyond what is conventional to get your house not only looking great, but also smelling great, too.

For us, thre is nothing better than coming home to a great smelling house. You can sit down and relax knowing that your home is clean. We can even arrange to clean your home while you're on vacation or out for the night. We don't cut corners. We take the extra effort to get every nook and cranny cleaned. We don't hide dirt, we dispose of it.

Throwing a party? Invite our maids to the after party!

We LOVE parties! Well, mostly we just love cleaning them! The truth is we all love parties. Most people just hate cleaning them. Not us! Cleaning parties is the best! We call them cleaning parties. The process is super simple:

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1 - Throw the party
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2 - Let the mess pile up
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3 - Let maids clean it up

Simply let us know when the party is and we will come once it has ended or it is nearing the end and we will clean up everything. Enjoy your guests. Let them enjoy your company, not worry about not making a mess. Make your party an event with cleaners on staff making sure you all have the best of times both during and after!

Cleaning Tips from the Best Utah Maids

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How often should people clean their hard floors?

In theory, your hard floors should be cleaned a minimum of once a week. However, most people clean them far less. Typically, residents will clean their floors when they get visibly dirty. Unfortunately, hard floors are great for hiding dirt and scum. Many people deep clean their floors every few months. At that point they are litereally covered in filth.

Your floors are often the diritest surface in your home. It simply makes sense. Your feet are the point of contact in the outside world. A world of animal excriment, bugs, dirt, mud, oil, and who knows what else. Those contaminants are brought inside by our feet and are spread throughout the home. Those contaminants are then left to breed and fester over time. This attracts mice, bacteria, and others. However, by using hard cleansers we are able to easily remove all of these things and immediately improve the cleanliness of your home. Want to know more? Ask us :).

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What is in my carpet?!

Carpeted rooms are often the most confortable rooms in the home. They are warm and comforting. They are also quiet. BUT! Carpets often act like sponges. They absorbe and can even lock in all kinds of contaminants: dirt, excriment, bacteria, fur, hair, dander, dust, skin....we won't go on. If you're anything like us, just thinking about all of that makes you a little sick to your stomach.

But what can you do?! Most residents vaccuum often but unfortunately it is often inneffective or not enough. The fact is, carpets don't last nearly as long as hard floors. It is nearly impossible to get them completely clean. Even hiring out professional carpet cleaners wont get them cleaned....just clean-er.

Let us get your carpets as clean as possible. Ask us about our carpet treatments. We use various cleansers on your carpets that can dramatically prolong the life of your carpets and elimitante many of the contaminants.